Logic and Computation
CS 2800 Spring 2011

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University
CS 2800 is a 4-credit course. The Office of the Registrar has useful information.

Course Description

Introduces formal logic and its connections to computer and information science. Offers an opportunity to learn to translate statements about the behavior of computer programs into logical claims and to gain the ability to prove such assertions both by hand and using automated tools. Considers approaches to proving termination, correctness, and safety for programs. Discusses notations used in logic, propositional and first order logic, logical inference, mathematical induction, and structural induction. Introduces the use of logic for modeling the range of artifacts and phenomena that arise in computer and information science.


Please note that the book was written for at least upper level undergraduate students, so expect parts of the book to be hard. Nevertheless, this is the standard reference for ACL2 and contains many exercises whose solutions are available online. Use it as a reference and use it to supplement lectures.