Logic and Computation
CS 2800 Spring 2011

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

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Asking Questions About Homework
Each homework will have a TA associated with it. Please direct all questions to the TA. If that does not resolve your questions, forward your communications to your instructor. Do not ask if your solutions are correct: the point of the homework is to have you try and solve a problem on your own. Do ask clarification questions and do ask conceptual questions.

Unless otherwise indicated, homework is due by 9:00PM on the due date. Blackboard is programmed to stop accepting submissions exactly at 9:00PM, so submit well in advance. Remember, you can resubmit as many times as you want, as long as it is before the deadline. Late homeworks will not be accepted under any circumstances. If you have technical problems with Blackboard, send your homework via email to the TA associated with the homework assignment before the submission deadline.

Homework #
Due Date
Homework 1 1/15/2011
Homework 2 1/22/2011 Solution
Homework 3 1/31/2011
Homework 4 2/5/2011 Solution
Homework 5 2/12/2011 Solution
Homework 6 2/19/2011 Jaideep Solution
Homework 7 3/5/2011 Tim Solution
Homework 8 3/12/2011 Ancsa Solution
Homework 9 3/19/2011 Jaideep Solution
Homework 10 3/26/2011 Tim Solution
Homework 11 4/2/2011 Ancsa Solution
Project Phase 1 4/9/2011 Jaideep Solution
Project Phase 2 4/16/2011 Tim Solution
Project Extra Credit 4/20/2011 Ancsa