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West Village H
Room 310

Office Hours (spring 2019): Tues 3:00-6:00pm, and by appointment.

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I try really hard to be accessible to students, so please take me up on it and drop by. My office door is often open, and when it is you're welcome to stop in and chat, whether or not you're currently a student in one of my classes.

You can call me Laney, because I'm pretty informal. Or you can call me Dr. Strange because... you know. Dr. Strange. (But I DO have a PhD I worked hard for, so it's definitely Dr. or Professor if you're going to be formal. Ms/Mrs/Miss variations bug me.)

Fun fact: Strange is not my given name. My husband and I invented it when we got married. We had to go to court and everything.

I try to be responsive on email, and again -- any questions or whatever are totally welcome, whether you're in my class or not.