CS7480  Special Topics in PL:
Types, Contracts, Gradual Typing, and Compiler Correctness

Fall 2015

Reading Papers

All students must read the assigned papers before class. Reading means working through a text, figuring out the key innovation in the paper, and making up and working through examples that help you understand the innovations. While reading the paper, here are some things to think about. (Bring your notes and thoughts about these to class.)

Presenting Papers

In each class, a student will present one or two research papers. Each presenter must discuss the papers and presentation with me at least 3 days before the class.

Things to think about when preparing your presentation:


Critiques of Papers

Critiques should be emailed to amal@ccs.neu.edu, with the subject "PL critique 2015-MM-DD "(with month and date replacing MM and DD).

Deadline:   Critiques are due on the day we discuss the paper in class by 9am on Tuesdays and by noon on Thursdays.

Your critiques/reviews should consist of a summary of the paper, a discussion of its strengths and weaknesses, and technical comparisons with papers we've read earlier in the semester (if appropriate). You can also include discussion of issues you found confusing, as well as ideas for extensions to this work and ideas for future projects. In particular, you should try to answer the questions listed in the "Reading Papers" section above. Below are some additional guidelines.

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