CS7480  Special Topics in PL:
Types, Contracts, Gradual Typing, and Compiler Correctness

Fall 2015


[Sep 18]   By Monday, Sept 21st, send me a ranked list with your top 3 choices of dates/papers you'd like to present (with subject "CS7480 Preferences").

Also, see: Reading, presenting, and writing critiques of papers.

[Sep 18]   Some students have asked about the amount of detail required when proving type safety on hw1. Specifically, for Problem 1, part (c), I expect you to:

If you are unsure of stylistic issues when writing out proofs, refer to TAPL or come see me.

[Sep 12]   Here are links to the two SNAPL papers I mentioned in class on Thursday:

[Sep 12]   If you haven't taken IPPL (CS 7400), make sure you do the Background Reading posted on the course webpage.

[Sep 9]   Welcome to CS7480!

Amal Ahmed
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