Meeting Time:

MW 250-430, 130FR, and Thursday 130-300, 164 WVH (note non-standard time on Thursday).



Mitchell Wand
326 WVH, 373-2072


That would be me.

Knowledge Goals:

To learn the fundamentals of semantics of programming languages, mostly using PCF as a running example.

We aim to cover:

If time permits, we will spend some time on the untyped lambda-calculus or maybe the pi-calculus.

We may spend some of our time attacking some of these theorems with automated theorem-provers like Isabelle/HOL or Coq.

All of this is subject to change. I hope we will be able to tailor the material to fit the folks who actually enroll.

Skill Goals:

In addition to learning the material, I expect you to learn some skills:


CSG 711, Principles of Programming Languages (Intensive) or CSG 111, Principles of Programming Languages, or equivalent.


There will be some problem sets. There may be a larger "term-paper"-sized final project. There may be some student presentations. I haven't entirely figured this out yet. It will depend in part on the size of the class. I don't intend to give a final exam.


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