The college rules state that an incomplete grade may be be available if the student would otherwise earn a satisfactory grade but is unable to do so because of extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. The student must have already completed a substantial portion of the course, with passing grades. An incomplete grade may not be used as a mechanism to avoid receiving an undesirable grade, nor may it be awarded to a student on academic warning or probationary status. If you have travel or work conflicts, or medical or other problems that may potentially cause you difficulty in completing your work on time, please come see me as soon as possible. In general, I will be as accomodating as possible if you acquaint me with your problems in advance.


The University's Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy contains a detailed discussion of what constitutes cheating. You should read this document; a copy will be distributed in class. See also the University Code of Conduct.

However, it is likely that many of you will learn as much from each other as you will from me. So you are encouraged to discuss the material, both in lecture and in your readings, with each other.

I also encourage you to show drafts of your papers to each other: you are writing not just for me! Feel free to accept comments from your peers on English grammar and usage, points that need clarification, etc. But I expect what you turn in to represent your own work.


This shouldn't be much of an issue in this class, but I'll say it anyway:

Guard your work! Make sure that your solutions are protected 600. Leaving them group- or world- readable means that anyone can steal them. Your home directory includes, by default, a directory called classes that is readable only by you. Put all your class work here!!. If you put class material in some unprotected directory, and somebody else copies it, you will be held responsible!!

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