Book Chapters, Non-Refereed Reports, Dissertations, Tools (reverse chronological)

The copyrights for most of these publications belong to their respective publishers. All papers may be downloaded for personal or research purposes only.

[1] Angelo Brillout, Daniel Kroening, Philipp Rümmer, and Thomas Wahl. Beyond quantifier-free interpolation in extensions of Presburger arithmetic (extended technical report). Technical report, CoRR abs/1011.1036, 2010. [ bib | pdf ]
[2] Angelo Brillout, Daniel Kroening, and Thomas Wahl. Craig interpolation for quantifier-free Presburger arithmetic. Technical report, CoRR abs/0811.3521, 2008. [ bib | pdf ]
[3] Thomas Wahl. The Sviss Symbolic Verifier. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich,, 2008. [ bib | http ]
[4] Thomas Wahl. Exploiting Replication in Automated Program Verification. PhD thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 2007. [ bib | pdf ]
[5] Nina Amenta, Sunghee Choi, Maria Jump, Ravi Kolluri, and Thomas Wahl. Finding alpha-helices in skeletons. Technical Report TR-02-27, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Computer Sciences, 2002. [ bib | pdf ]
[6] Oliver Karch, Hartmut Noltemeier, and Thomas Wahl. Location and robotics. In Zvi Drezner and Horst Hamacher, editors, Facility Location - Applications and Theory. Springer-Verlag, 2001. [ bib ]
[7] Thomas Wahl. Distance functions for polygons and their application in robot localization (in German). Master's thesis, University of Würzburg, 1997. [ bib | pdf ]

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