Panagiotis (Pete) Manolios
Khoury College of Computer and Information Sciences
Northeastern University

Rank Polymorphism Viewed as a Constraint Problem

Justin Slepak, Panagiotis Manolios and Olin Shivers.
ARRAY, 2018 © ACM


Rank polymorphism serves as a type of control flow used in array-oriented languages, where functions are automatically lifted to operate on high-dimensional arguments. The iteration space is derived directly from the shape of the data, presenting a challenge to compilation. A type system can characterize data shape, though the level of detail is beyond what can be reasonably expected from entirely human-generated annotations. The task of checking or inferring shapes can be phrased as solving constraints in the theory of the free monoid over the natural numbers, but the constraints involve both universal and existential quantification. Here is a plan of attack for leveraging past work on decision procedures, which has generally focused on the purely existential fragment of the theory.

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