Re: The Essence of Strategic Programming

Subject: Re: The Essence of Strategic Programming
From: Ralf Laemmel (
Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 06:58:22 EDT

Karl Lieberherr wrote:

> A more accessible paper on Strategic Programming
> from the Dutch team. How could our tools, such as DAJ,
> benefit from those ideas?

Sorry to bother you.

We are just proof-reading the draft
and we realize that choosing the term
'maturity levels' for traversal control
in the related work section might sound

We will improve the wording and presentation
before submission.

Clearly, the Demeter approach is well-designed
and the kind of expressiveness is well chosen.
The fact that it lives at a different
'maturity' level than our approach simply
reflects that generic traversal schemes
have not been an issue in your setting so far.
Is that right?

As the OOPSLA 99 paper by Ovlinger and Wand
nicely illustrates there is even a good reason
to further reduce the structure shyness of
the Demeter approach. So we should really not
talk about maturity.

BTW, this insight also made me realize
that we seem to use the term 'robustness'
in the wrong manner. Obviously, in general,
robustness means that software is well-behaved
in the context of border-line or illegal
inputs. It is probably fair to say that the
aforementioned OOPSLA 99 paper suggests that
robustness means that a component does not
break even if the class structure changes, say,
there are no surprises, no strange paths.

We should probably not use the term in a sense
that a traversal component does not need to be
revised just because it does not mention any
irrelevant types and constructors. We should
better call this property tolerance or liberal


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> >Dear Karl,
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> >please feel free to forward this to the Demeter collaborators.
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> >I entirely rewrote the essence paper with the focus on the
> >actual essence at an abstract level. This was
> >triggered by the feedback we got from the WCGP, in discussions
> >with you and others. The new much shorter paper does not
> >discuss the incarnations and other traversal approaches in
> >depth but this material is scattered elsewhere anyway.
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> >We would be very grateful for any further comments you
> >might have.
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> >Regards,
> >Ralf
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Dr.-Ing. Ralf Laemmel
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