Re: The Essence of Strategic Programming

Subject: Re: The Essence of Strategic Programming
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 18:04:10 EDT

A more accessible paper on Strategic Programming
from the Dutch team. How could our tools, such as DAJ,
benefit from those ideas?

-- Karl

>From Tue Sep 10 05:52:13 2002
>Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 11:52:00 +0200
>From: Ralf Laemmel <>
>To: Karl Lieberherr <>
>Cc: Eelco Visser <>,
> Joost Visser <>
>Subject: The Essence of Strategic Programming

>Dear Karl,
>please feel free to forward this to the Demeter collaborators.
>I entirely rewrote the essence paper with the focus on the
>actual essence at an abstract level. This was
>triggered by the feedback we got from the WCGP, in discussions
>with you and others. The new much shorter paper does not
>discuss the incarnations and other traversal approaches in
>depth but this material is scattered elsewhere anyway.
>We would be very grateful for any further comments you
>might have.
>Dr.-Ing. Ralf Laemmel
>CWI & VU, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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