RE: Doug's interface for traversal-related concerns

Subject: RE: Doug's interface for traversal-related concerns
From: John J. Sung (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 16:47:34 EST

Hi Karl,

I really like the declare visitor part, it's a very nice way of adding
visitors to the whole system. I think that this is the way I should
implement the syntax for the visitor as well. It shouldn't be too hard to
find the definition for the particular visitor in the parse tree or loaded

I'm just wondering about syntax for adding advice to edges. Since, AspectJ
is advising on methods and there's a wrapper method call for traversing an
edge. We should be able to do this. So, what would be the syntax for adding
advice to those?


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Subject: Re: Doug's interface for traversal-related concerns

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Karl Lieberherr wrote:

> Hi Doug, Pengcheng and John:
> I like the new design by Doug for edge patterns very much.
> This will be our new interface for expressing
> traversal related-concerns in DJ and in AspectDJ.
> John: please can you check whether you want to put this
> interface into AspectDJ?
> See: /home/lieber/.www/com3362/w02/hw/7/assign7-com3362.txt
> Pengcheng: do you agree with Doug re. calling all matching methods?

I agree with Doug about calling all matching methods in that it more
conforms to the adaptive programming implementation style. But I have some
conservations about that in terms of standard object-oriemted programming
style, i.e., in O-O, only most specific method get executed, unless the
explicitly call 'super.m()'.


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