Fwd: Re: COOL and RIDL as AspectJ Libraries ?!

Subject: Fwd: Re: COOL and RIDL as AspectJ Libraries ?!
From: Therapon Skotiniotis (skotthe@ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 22:26:18 EST

  The answer to whether the COOL & RIDL Libraries exist in the
  current AspectJ version ....

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As far as I remeber, we never did a RIDL library in aspectj. We did COOL.
The COOL example code has been discontinued at some point - other examples
seemed more compelling to show the generality of aspectj - but it should
still be possible to do it using the current version of aspectj.

Left as an exercise for all you grad students out there! - send code, will


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Subject: COOL and RIDL as AspectJ Libraries ?!

> Hi,
> Is there a COOL and RIDL library that can be used with the
> latest version of AspectJ ?
> I seem to recall such a library in an earlier version of
> AspectJ (?)
> Thanks,
> --Theo
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