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Freshman Honors Seminar - Spring 2004 - Prof. Futrelle

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Updated 6 March 2004


Each of Prof. Futrelle's talks will focus on systems developed primarily by undergraduates in our College, working under his direction. The work they did was excellent. One of the students published three papers about her work in 2003. One system deals with vectorization, the process of turning raster images (jpegs) into object collections. The other has to do with studying the natural language expressions scientists use in papers to "encapsulate" the information they're presenting.

I'll talk a lot about getting involved in projects that go beyond your classroom assignments. I'll talk about my experiences as a kid and as Freshman at MIT. I'll talk about undergraduates here at Northeastern who have gotten involved in exciting projects and gone on to graduate school and exciting careers afterewards. There's a great deal more to the intellectual life in college than taking classes.

News and Notes

Note of 2/22/04: The initial material posted has now been augmented. Including notes on the February 24th talk and the assignments. Details of the March 9th talk are yet to be added. Items in parentheses on the left are not yet available (and may never be, to be perfectly honest).