Freshman Honors, Sp04 - Assignments - Prof. Futrelle

Professor Futrelle - College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

Version of 22 February 2004

You are to track down information - Beyond Google

You are to track down a few articles on either the topics in the February 24th talk or the March 9th talk.

You should use our Library's Research and Information Gateway to find research articles on the topics of the two talks. The Gateway is accessible via the Library homepage. For the February talk topics I want you to focus on ACM and Springer Link material. You may also use the BioNLP site and its material and search capabilities regarding natural language. A third source of information can be found at the Citeseer site. You might want to find out how to use the site: and inurl: keywords in Google to help you find papers on Citeseer, ACM and Springer. You should find and report on at least two such articles for at one or both of the talk topics. The articles you find may be in electronic form and you can send me a link. You may *not* use a web page as your "article" unless it is the HTML form of an article from a journal or proceedings. If you find an article by looking through our hardcopy periodicals, just include the citation and the call number on the shelf where you found it. You may also get a Consortium Card from our library and use libraries at BU, MIT and others, even Wellesley College.

Your report should be between 300 and 500 words and include proper citations to any papers you find, e.g., in the following form:

Shepard, R. N. (1984). Ecological constraints on internal representation: Resonant kinematics of perceiving, imagining, thinking, and dreaming. Psychological Review, 91, 417-447.

Write a brief summary of the articles, your impression of their content, and how you searched for and found them. If you have problems using the Library's system, just go to the Reference Desk in the Library and ask them about it. There's also online help. I will pay attention to your English style and spelling and I'll be on the lookout for plagiarism. That is, the work you turn in with your name on it must be *your* work. This is what will be required of you in your future life and work, so start now by doing things right. You may submit your report as a plain text document, PDF, Word, or an HTML page(s). You may submit hardcopy (my mailbox in 161CN) or in electronic form via an attachemnt or a URL to your web page. You may include figures in your report in addition to your text. And of course, start off your report with *complete* information, with your name, date, the course name, your report title, etc.

Below are two figures from sources that I strongly urge you to use for the topics of the first talk.

A snapshot of what you might see in tracking down papers using Springer Link through our Library:

A snapshot of what you might see in tracking down papers using the ACM Digital Library through our Library:

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