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CSU540 - Computer Graphics (Undergraduate) - Spring 2005

College of Computer & Information Science

Northeastern University -- Professor Robert P. Futrelle

Updated 2 April 2005

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This course builds on your knowledge of programming, data structures and algorithms and linear algebra to introduce the foundations of computer graphics. And of course it gives you lots of opportunities to produce your own graphics for display. Use the informational and resource links at the left to get to other important information.

News and Notes

2 April 2005: The review for the second quiz, to be given Tuesday, April 5th, is posted here. You can also follow the Exam link on this course homepage to it.

18 March 2005: Ray tracing code has been created. Go to the Project page for access to it.

12 March 2005: Major upgrades have been made, including a complete syllabus on the Syllabus/Schedule page. The distribution of credit for the exams and assignments is now on the Course information page. The The Project is now described in some detail on the The Project page. It has two Milestones due on 3/23 and 4/4, with the final project due on 4/13.

8 Feb 2005: The third assignment, Basic Raster Graphics Algorithms (Chapter 3), has been posted Due as hardcopy at the beginning of class, Tues. Feb. 15th.

26 Jan 2005: The second assignment has been posted. It is the first programming assignment. Extensive details are on the second assignment page. It is due by 11:59pm on Friday, February 11th.

24 Jan 2005: I have developed a number of geometry classes to get you started in constructing and rendering simple and then, complex solids. The first items posted are the API here. After I go over the source code in class, it will also be posted for you to upgrade and use. Note especially the screenshot in the Javadoc API for the class TriDraw.

17 Jan 2005: The first assignment, linear algebra and geometric transformations, has been posted. It consists of 12 problems and is due Friday, February 4th.

Important start-up news, January 2005:

Linear algebra is a prerequisite for this course. You will have to be able to do vector and matrix computations on paper (on exams) as well as develop code that implements linear algebra based algorithms.

All programming assignments handed in for this course will be required to execute as Java code on the College's Solaris systems. Only these versions will be graded. Develop the code in any way you like, but what is handed in must be Java that you have successfully run on the College's system.

All email to Professor Futrelle and/or the teaching assistant must have a Subject line beginning with "csu540". Any email not conforming to this rule will normally be discarded. If answered, the reply will simply request that you resend it with a proper subject line. (Email to the class mailing list will have a proper subject line inserted automatically.)

This course website is built on the graduate graphics course site, Spring 2004. Occasional out-of-date material may have been accidentally included. If any of it is a problem, please notify me.