Exam Information

CSU540 Computer Graphics - Spring 2005 - Prof. Futrelle

Updated 2 April 2005

Quiz #1, February 1st, on vectors and linear algebra, focused on the basis of geometrical transformations used in computer graphics. Here is a copy of that quiz.

The Midterm Exam was given February 22nd. Here is a copy of that exam. It covered a number of topics, including cross products, transforms, scan fill of polygons, clipping polygons, and the midpoint line algorithm for scan conversion (the Bresenham algorithm).

Quiz #2, April 5th, will cover Bézier curves, diffuse illumination, and Gouraud shading. There will be an extra credit question on computing the average normal at the vertex of a set of triangles. Review material for the quiz can be found here.

The Final Exam will be at 8am on Tuesday, April 19th.

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