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Updated 18 August 2003

Review for Final Exam posted - Exam Wednesday 8/20, 8am, 335 Shillman

The review consists of four web pages:

  1. What will be on the Final Exam
  2. "Top Ten" Java errors by students in this course
  3. All code for the "Lamp" problem of Quiz #2 (A) (colorized with java2html)
  4. All code for the "The Dog Sam" problem of Quiz #2 (A) (colorized with java2html)

For your convenience, here are copies of the previous tests in this summer's course:

Review for Quiz #2 posted -- To be held Thursday, 14 August

You can access the review page here. It includes both Java code and UML. The questions will be simpler than the ones on the Midterm.

Review for Midterm posted

The Midterm will be on Monday the 28th. The review material is here. It will probably be updated a bit before it reaches final form. (One update made 7/23.)

Quiz #1 will be given on Thursday 3 July - Closed book/notes

Here is a link to some information to help you review for the quiz. At least 3/4 of the time your spend studying for the quiz should be spent writing out code, making up examples, etc..

Quiz #1 ANSWERS, posted 7/6/03

Here is a link to the code for Quiz #1A and the code for Quiz #1B. The .txt file of the code, e.g., for #1A, was generated with the unix command: head -999 *.java > allQ1Acode.txt

The other major comment on the quiz is that you have to learn that objects and return values can have abstract or interface types. If an interface has a function such as getASomething(), the code that is chosen to execute at runtime will be the code for the actual object returned, an instance of a concrete class which implements the interface. But the compiler will only compile without error if the method is defined (not implemented of course) in the interface.

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