COM1204 Summer 2003 Midterm Review - Prof. Futrelle

To be given Monday 28 July - Closed book/notes

Version of 23 July


The first material here, created on 7/20, explains the Midterm in broad outline. More specific material will be added in the next few days. On 7/23, changed the Singleton class in the list below to Adapter. The three major topics on the test are:

Design Patterns

You will be given a brief description of one of these three Design Patterns and asked to describe how it might be used and why it can help in object-oriented design. Each of these has sample code in the section on Design Pattern Examples in Java.

Java programming related to Design Patterns

Since I will be including some Java code on the test, the questions I'll ask you will deal with issues not covered in that code. The code I that appears in the other questions will be rather pedestrian and not involve any interesting uses of interfaces. So being able to code properly using Java interfaces and abstract classes will be important and something you need to be ready and able to do.

Here's an example of a specific question of this type: This is about the Adapter Pattern. (See our example here.) You are to write out three class definitions and one interface definition, as Java code.

UML related to Design Patterns

You need to be able to draw UML diagrams for static class and interface structures as well as sequence diagrams. For this you will be given simple Java code for a few classes and methods and then asked to draw both the static diagrams and sequence diagram. The UML page for the Memento Design Pattern is a good example to follow, but the question you will be asked in this part will be about a much simpler example than Memento.

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