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COM1204 -- Object-Oriented Design -- Summer 2002

College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern University

Professor Robert P. Futrelle

(Updated Monday 8/26/2002)

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From the University Catalog: "COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design 4 QH
Introduces the philosophy and methodology of object-oriented software design and the techniques of object-oriented programming. Discusses the design and implementation of individual classes and the tradeoffs in designing collections of classes. Introduces class libraries and application frameworks. Examines simple design patterns and compares object-oriented design to other software design paradigms. Applies object-oriented design to several medium-sized projects. Prereq. COM1201 or permission of instructor."

News and Notes (most recent first)

NEW: August 26th: Final Exam Information

August 3rd: Project deadlines: August 12th and August 22nd. Details here.

July 29th. For each of the Structural Patterns chapters in Cooper's book, I have concatenated all the source files together. Follow the " Cooper Structural Patterns" link here or on the left. (Unix command used: head -999 *.java > all and then "all" changed to all<pattern_name>.java)

July 27th. A sample midterm example has been created. Follow the "Exam Information" link on the left.

July 14th: Two new creational patterns code examples were added. Follow "Prof. Futrelle's examples" link on the left.

Details were added on July 4th for what you need to do to prepare for your Project Meeting #2, starting Monday the 15th. Follow the Projects link on the left.

July 4th: Professor Lorenz will be teaching the class on Wednesday and Thursday, July 10th and 11th. He will be able to shed light on your upcoming project assignment,

July 4th: A new category has been added on the left for my own Examples, e.g. BigDog, LittleDog.