COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design - Summer 2002 - General Information

Professor Futrelle -- College of Computer and Information Sciences, Northeastern U., Boston, MA

(Version of 7/9/2002)

Course description, from the catalogue:

COM 1204 Object-Oriented Design 4 QH
"Introduces the philosophy and methodology of object-oriented software design and the techniques of object-oriented programming. Discusses the design and implementation of individual classes and the tradeoffs in designing collections of classes. Introduces class libraries and application frameworks. Examines simple design patterns and compares object-oriented design to other software design paradigms. Applies object-oriented design to several medium-sized projects. Prereq. COM1201 or permission of instructor."

Northeastern University, and the College of Computer and Information Sciences, Boston, MA.
Professor Robert P. Futrelle   Email me at:
You can also use a web form to contact me without needing email access at all.
115 Cullinane
Grader -- Ms. Zhang:
Ms. Xin Zhang is a PhD student in the College of Computer and Information Sciences. Email her.
Hardcopy mailbox:
161 Cullinane
Office 617-373-4239
Java Design Patterns: A Tutorial by James W. Cooper
329 pgs, Addison-Wesley ISBN: 0201485397
Personal Help:
Most of the help you get from me occurs during our weekly project meetings. But if you need help at any time, find me in my office, call, or send email, or ask in class to set up an appointment. My office hours and advising hours are Wednesdays, 11:45-1:45.
On-line help:
For more info on most anything related to object-oriented design, or most anything else use Many people consider it the Number 1 search engine.
Mondays and Thursdays, 1pm-2:05pm Room 220 Shillman, Wednesdays 2:15-3:20, Room 50 Dodge
Total credit for the projects will be 50% of your entire grade, with 40% distributed over the meetings (about seven) and 10% for the final project report. Each student will be allowed one missed meeting and its corresponding missed assignment. Other than that, no exceptions. The Midterm Exam will be 20% of your grade and the Final Exam, 30%.
Honors Adjunct
This will consist of exploring the theoretical underpinnings of the project that the registered Honors students are working on.
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