COM 1204 Projects -- Finishing Up -- Summer 2002

Professor Futrelle

NEW, 8/3/02

Deadlines, August 12th and August 22nd

This is important new information. Your first major project submission, with documentation and working code on the CCS Unix systems is due by midnight, Monday, August 12th. Credit for this first project submission is 5% of your total course grade, half a letter grade.

The final version of the project is due by midnight, Thursday, August 22nd, the last day of classes for this Summer Quarter. Credit for the final version will be 5% of your total course grade. That and the 5% for the first major report will total 10%, which is the portion of the total course credit apportioned for your project final report(s) -- one full letter grade.

Be warned that we will be very exacting in our grading of your final Project Reports, unlike our grading of your weekly handins. Your weekly handins are typically much too short to serve as final Project Reports. Many of you hand in half a page at your weekly meetings. Your final reports should be closer to 1,000 words in length, plus diagrams and code. They should be carefully written and edited (and spell-checked!).

We will do our best to get some feedback to you rapidly after the August 12th due date, in case you need to do some final tweaks. If you are able to get a preliminary version to us before the 12th, all the better, because we can get feedback to you sooner. And of course bring any material and questions to your weekly project meetings.

What to do and hand in

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