Saturday, January 6, 2007


My teaching gateway page

You might have noticed below that all my teaching pages live in a certain section of my webspace. In fact I have a "gateway page" that links to my current courses and others all the way back to 1998 (some on a second page). The course pages vary a lot in depth and quality, depending on how much time I devoted to building them. The gateway is at:

Otherwise, I'm hard at work finishing off all the major pages for my UG and grad AI courses. First class is the UG one, the afternoon of Monday the 8th of January. Grad one is the following Thursday evening. For whatever reason, these two courses are better organized than any of mine in recent memory. (So if you're not happy, the others were worse ;-).

I've had a bit of luck learning to play Gears of War on my XBOX - enough for me to begin to see what type of artificial intelligence techniques are used in it. One example: When I pick up a weapon, my partner is aware that I now have the weapon and changes his behavior to suit his new knowledge, e.g., suggesting that I use it in a situation in which he is further aware of the fact that I'm being targeted by some nasty foes. There is nothing profound in this; it's not hard to imagine how this could be programmed in. But the accumulation of many such things, including an "understanding" of the physical environment, etc., all adds up to enough complexity and smarts to make it interesting (and to $ales).

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