Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hybrid Closed-book, Open-book exams

Next week, in both my AI classes, undergraduate and graduate, I will do the following experiment:

"The first half of the exam will be closed book. After you hand in your answers to the first part, the remainder of the exam will be open book. This is a strategy to evaluate your performance under both conditions."

I will update this posting after I grade the (four) exams.

Note of 8/26/2007: The exams appeared to be useful. In fact, a number of students in the classes thought the idea was just fine. So I'll continue to do this in my upcoming classes, though not necessarily for every exam.


Sunday, February 11, 2007


Interesting AI undergraduate class projects

Project topics in CSU520 Spring 2007 class
From initial project plans
Professor Futrelle 2/11/2007

The undergraduates chose a different mix from the grads:

Modifying Buckland's Raven game
Roomba-like simulation
Reinforcement learning
The Singularity
Machine translation using NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)
Smart allies in games
Correlated knowledge in text and graphics
Responsive website via machine learning
Clustering to filter Usenet items
Pathfinding or maybe elevator scheduling
Moving image analysis
Starcraft game from an AI point of view


Interesting AI graduate class projects

Project topics in CSG120 Spring 2007 class
From initial project plans
Professor Futrelle 2/11/2007

WEKA spam detection
AI - Games
3D object recognition - faces and cars
Machine translation for Japanese
Alarms in passive networks (alarms in homes, businesses)
Simulating animals in groups (birds, ants)
"Beyond the facts" subjective opinions in Biomedical papers
Suspicious ships activity using OWL and additional reasoning
Health behavior Ontology
Machine learning for Disease diagnosis
Natural language query/answer system - about Boston
Natural language analysis/generation of Hip Hop lyrics
Ontologies of diagrams

My general comments: The best were the ones in which the student had
found and discussed relevant papers or books.

Many had problems formatting their bibliography items - see the
Bibliography, pg. 987 of the AIMA textbook for examples. Include URLs
where needed.

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