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Larceny v0.97, "Funny in the Head", 19 August 2009

Release notes

System Requirements

Larceny/IA32 runs on Intel IA32 and compatible (x86-32) architectures. Larceny/SPARC runs on SPARC architectures. Larceny/IA32 is prebuilt for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows XP, and can probably be built from source for similar operating systems. Larceny/SPARC is prebuilt for Solaris.

For other architectures, including Mac OS X on PowerPC machines, please consider Petit Larceny.


The Sassy assembler is a large component of Larceny/IA32. The Larceny development team is grateful to Jonathan Kraut for developing Sassy and releasing it under the LGPL.