CS5800 Algorithms Sec 2, FALL 2021

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MS Teams : Khoury - CS 5800 2 (Fall 2021)

Discussion : piazza

Please use the discussion forum for all questions regarding material, assignments, due dates, data issues, programming issues, etc. That is, do not use the direct email to TAs or Instructors for these questions.
Personal/private matters, such as availability, delays,  grades, term projects or other advanced material, etc, should be discussed by email.

Office Hours

Regular OH are mostly for HW help : Tue night in campus; Sat afternoon (Teams); Mon evening (teams) Fri evening (Teams)
UG/Align tutorial/ office hours are for clarifications about material, especially prerequisite material: Thu and Fri

Gradescope: CS5800-sec2-FALL21

HW Submission must be latex compiled.

Texts Required




Academic Honesty