Logic and Computation
CS 2800 Spring 2010

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

Information on the labs appears below. All Labs are on Fridays in 212 WVH.

Here is how labs work. You will be given lab assignments before labs meet. These assignments appear on this Web page. You job is to do your best to complete the assignment on your own. During lab, the TAs and tutors will check your solutions, ask you to present solutions, answer questions, and provide solutions. Think of labs as tutoring sessions. They are intentionally small so that you can get individualized, personalized attention. Take advantage of this by coming prepared and being as engaged as possible.

9:50AM - 10:40AM Vasilis Papavasileiou
10:45AM - 11:35AM Vasilis Papavasileiou
11:45PM - 12:35PM Ian Johnson Sarah Parker
12:40PM - 1:30PM Ian Johnson Sarah Parker
1:35PM - 2:25PM Harsh Chamarthi Dan Kreymer
2:30PM - 3:20PM Harsh Chamarthi Dan Kreymer
3:25PM - 4:15PM Katelyn Berry Daniel Bostwick
4:20PM - 5:10PM Kately Berry Daniel Bostwick

The Lab Assignments are here.

Lab #
Lab Date
Lab Assignment
1 1/15/2010 Assignment
2 1/22/2010 Assignment
3 1/29/2010 Assignment
4 2/5/2010 Assignment
5 2/12/2010 Assignment
6 2/19/2010 Assignment
9 3/18/2010 Assignment
10 3/25/2010 Assignment
11 4/2/2010 Assignment
12 4/9/2010 Assignment