E. M. Tapia, N. Marmasse, S. S. Intille, and K. Larson, "MITes: Wireless portable sensors for studying behavior," in Proceedings of Extended Abstracts Ubicomp 2004: Ubiquitous Computing, 2004.


We present MITes (MIT Environmental Sensors): a portable kit of ubiquitous wireless sensing devices for real-time data collection of human activities in natural settings. The sensors designed to be used in two ways: (1) determining people’s interaction with objects in the environment, and (2) measuring acceleration on different parts of the body. The sensors have been designed to permit low-cost research studies where data is acquired simultaneously from hundreds of objects in an environment and multiple parts of the body. 


Ubiquitous, wireless sensors, natural settings, behavior.


National Science Foundation, Intel, and the House_n Consortium