Computer Graphics (CS4300) 2012F: Assignment 3

DUE: 9pm, October 17, 2012

Worth: 10% of your final grade



For this homework you are to implement, test, and document your own two-dimensional graphics project. You will have approximately three weeks after you turn in your functional specification to implement and test your code, and to turn your functional spec into an end-user manual. After you hand your project in, you will make a short presentation of it to the class.

For HW2 and HW3, you may work alone or in a pair of two students. See details in HW2.

At a minimum, your project should include

If you have a different idea about what you would like to implement as a “moderately advanced feature”, check with the course staff.

Your project should be a stand-alone application. While you are free to use libraries and programming languages of your choosing, we ask that you do not implement an “add-on” or “plug-in” for another existing application. If you think you have a really good idea to do so, contact the course staff and we may make an exception.

Turn In

Turn in

Follow these instructions for packing up your project and submitting it.


Out of 100 total possible points

If working in a pair, see details in HW2 regarding project scope.

Note that the functional spec (HW2) and the in-class presentation of your project will be graded separately from HW3.

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