Computer Graphics (CS4300) 2012F: Assignment 1

DUE: 9pm, Thu Sep 13, 2012

Worth: 10% of your final grade



  1. You are to create a 2D “sampler” program, with at least 5 drawings in at least 5 rectangular regions in one window.
  2. Your drawings should use color and a variety of graphics primitives, including at least These drawings must be automatic, and not require any user input.
  3. Write well-organized code with appropriate comments.
  4. The drawings should be organized into modular functions, methods, or classes. They should work equally well in any of the rectangles. One way to do this is to make each drawing function take the upper left corner, width, and height of the target region as parameters.
  5. Make your program show off your work in two different arrangements, either by opening two separate windows or by running the code with different invocations (e.g. different command line arguments). See below for examples.
  6. As with most homeworks, you are free to add extra features after you have completed all required parts of the assignment. For example, I will not assign extra credit points but I will make a note of any extra work and take this into consideration when assigning final grades and writing recommendation letters.

Turn In

Follow these instructions for submitting your work.


Out of 100 total possible points, 60 will be assigned based on the organization, functionality, clarity, and documentation of your code. 40 will be assigned based on the graphic output of your program.

Example Images

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