COM3370 Computer Graphics - Homework 0 Images

Winter 2000

Andre Biryukov

Color Pyramid

Color Pyramid Derek Holden

Mandelbrot Set

Color Pyramid
Shizhen Chen

Cube and Pyramid

Plaid Cube Color Pyramid Mikhail Golitsine

Square in Square

Plaid Triangle

Ruijuan Gao

Color Triangles

Color Triangle Plaid Triangle
Stephen LaValley

Square Patterns

2 Triangle Square Plaid Square
Jaimin Patel

Plaid Squares

Plaid Square Plaid Square Plaid Square
Denis Shurtleff

Triangle Patterns

Plaid Square Plaid Square
Kerry Spellacy

Divided Triangle

Divided Color Triangle Min Yi


Divided Color Triangle
Dan Strom

Diffuse Lights

Blue and Yellow Lights One Light
Red, Green, Blue Lights Red, Green, Blue Lights, blended Pastel Lights

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