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  • "What Happened in Vis in 2015? Year Review with Andy Kirk and Robert Kosara", Data Stories (podcast) (December 20, 2015).

  • "Investigating the network: The top 10 articles from the year in digital news and social media research", Nieman Journalism Lab (December 11, 2015).

  • "How to make better visualizations", MIT Press Release (November 5, 2015)
              Also featured on ScienceBlog, Phys.org, and El Universal. Also posted as a Harvard Press Release.

  • "What makes a data visualization memorable?", The World Bank (Blog) (November 5, 2015).

  • "Tip: Check out this advice for creating memorable data visualisations", Journalism.co.uk (November 4, 2015).

  • "The Science of Visualization", Scientific American (Blog) (November 3, 2015).

  • "Understanding what makes a visualization memorable", Storybench (November 3, 2015).

  • "Why 'Big Data' Is a Big Deal", Harvard Magazine (March/April, 2014).

  • "Grasping with the eyes", Harvard Gazette (March 5, 2014).

  • "The Secrets of a Memorable Infographic", Fast Company's "Co.Design" Blog (November 12, 2013).

  • "What makes a data visualization memorable?", Harvard SEAS Press Release (October 16, 2013).
              Also featured on the Boston Globe, HPC Wire, Computer Graphics World, Phys.org, and ScienceCodex.

  • "Why rainbow colors aren't the best option for data visualizations", Poynter (October 3, 2013).

  • "20 TED Fellows give talks in Whistler", TED Blog (August 19, 2013).

  • "Connecting Astronomy and Medicine", Museum of Science, Boston (Podcast) (May 18, 2012).

  • "How Brain Scans Can Help Astronomers Understand Stars", Scientific American (Blog) (January 9, 2012).

  • "Visualizing Our Three Pound Universe", medGadget (January 9, 2012).

  • "Busting Assumptions about Rainbows and 3-D Images", Biomedical Computation Review (January 2, 2012).

  • "Visualization is Growing Up", EagerEyes (Blog) (November 6, 2011).
              Also featured on VizWorld.

  • "Artery Visualization Gets to the Heart of the Matter", The Harvard Crimson (October 31, 2011).

  • "VisWeek 2011 - Award-Worthy Visualization Research", Perceptual Edge (Blog) (October 28, 2011).

  • "To diagnose heart disease, visualization experts recommend a simpler approach", Harvard SEAS Press Release (October 27, 2011).
              Also featured on the Harvard Gazette, PhysOrg.com, ScienceDaily, e! Science News, VizWorld, Vision Systems Design, Scientific Computing, and Communications of the ACM.

  • "Bit heart: Cardiac computational models are increasingly used to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases", Science Today Online (Brazil) (October 18, 2011).

  • "From Flying Cars to String Quartets & Face Transplants: What Went on at TEDxBoston 2011", BostInnovation (June 29, 2011).

  • "At TEDxBoston, Harvard Affiliates Showcase 'Culturomics,' 'Astronomical Medicine'", The Harvard Crimson (June 28, 2011).

  • "Multidisciplinary CTA research could improve CAD screening accuracy", Cardiovascular Business (June 20, 2011).
              Also featured in Health Imaging & IT.

  • "The Big Picture: Five Cambridge-born innovations that are about to change the world", Improper Bostonian (February 16, 2011).

  • "Is There an Astronomer in the House?", Science (February 11, 2011).
              PDF version.

  • "Fellows Friday with Michelle Borkin", TED Blog (August 27, 2010).
              Also featured on the TED Fellows Blog.

  • "TED Conferences Announces 25 TED Fellows for TEDGlobal in Oxford", TED Conferences Press Release (May 26, 2009).

  • "New Visualization Techniques Yield Star Formation Insights", Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Press Release (December 31, 2008).
              Also featured on HarvardScience.

  • "Slideshow: Tabletop Computers", IEEE Spectrum (Online), (December, 2008).
              In the photo, from left to right: Jens Kauffmann, Michelle Borkin, and Jonathan Foster.

  • "Astronomical Medicine", Word of Mouth, New Hampshire Public Radio (July 23, 2008).

  • "Revolutionary Minds: The Re-Envisionaries", SEED Magazine, (July/August, 2008).

  • "Brains Shed Light on the Stars: Interdisciplinary initiative pioneers new field of study", The Harvard Crimson (March 14, 2008).

  • "Astronomy and medical imaging go hand in hand at stellar Harvard initiative", Medicexchange.com (October 2, 2007).

  • "Science + Computing = Innovation", Apple Science Profile (April 5, 2007).

  • "3-D Medical Imaging Reaches the Stars", Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Press Release (March 27, 2007).
              Also featured in Advanced Imaging Pro, RedOrbit, Spaceflight Now, and PhysOrg.com.

  • "3-D Vision Stretches from Medicine to Space", Boston Globe (March 26, 2007).

  • "Innovative Computing Initiative Sets Sights on Projects", Harvard Gazette (September 28, 2006).

  • "Harvard-wide Initiative in Innovative Computing to Provide Collaboration Opportunities", Harvard Public Health Now (June 8, 2005).

  • "Style over substance: Core course teaches visual display of quantitative data", Harvard Gazette (May 1, 2003).

  • "Universe of dreams for Natick girl", MetroWest Daily News (October 8, 1999).

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