CS U101 Fl '08
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The course schedule is posted on the Blackboard, the course web page, and is re-posted here.

Here is a link to tutorials for various topics covered during the lecture/lab sessions.

The following outline describes the topics covered in this course and gives a timeline for the order in which they will be covered:

Excel application programming:

  • Information and Data; Data representation in Excel; Defining computation in Excel
  • Understanding data references and representation; formula design; introduction to modeling.
  • Conditional computation.
  • Representing data as charts and graphs.
  • Processing String data.

Access application programming:

  • Compound data: records, fields types; Organizing data by attributes: tables, joins.
  • Using a querry language to retrieve information from a database.
  • Defining representation for the data as forms and reports.
  • Exploring alternatives in database design.

SPSS application programming and elemntary statistics:

  • Concepts in descriptive statistics: mean, median, variance, standard deviation, correlation.
  • Using statistical software to analyze information: data preparation and preservation; defining statistical computations; interpreting the reports.

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