Module AnyShtream

module AnyShtream: sig .. end
Functor to create type-aware shtream modules. The base shtream module Shtream is indifferent to the element type. The functor AnyShtream.Make, on the other hand, produces a module with shtream functions that know how read shtream from and write shtreams to channels without a user-supplied reader or printer function.

Modules LineShtream and StringShtream are both created using this functor, though some values in LineShtream are specialized further.

module type ELEM = sig .. end
The input signature of the functor AnyShtream.Make.
module type ANYSHTREAM = sig .. end
The output signature of the functor AnyShtream.Make.
module Make: 
functor (E : ELEM) -> ANYSHTREAM with module Elem = E
Build a new shtream module.