Panagiotis (Pete) Manolios
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

Verification of Pipelined Machines in ACL2

Panagiotis Manolios.
ACL2 Workshop 2000.


We describe the ACL2 techniques used in a new approach to the verification of pipelined machines. Our notion of correctness is based on WEBs (Well-founded Equivalence Bisimulations) and implies that the pipelined machine and the machine defined by the instruction set architecture have the same computations up to finite stuttering. We verify various variants of Sawada's simple machine, including machines with exceptions, interrupts, non-determinism, and ALUs described in part at the netlist level. Our proofs contain no intermediate abstractions and are almost automatic, e.g., the verification of the base machine does not require any user supplied theorems. To motivate the need for a new notion of correctness we show that the variant of the Burch and Dill notion of correctness used by Sawada can be satisfied by incorrect machines.

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