Logic and Computation
CS 2800 Spring 2011

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University


Section 01: M,W,Th 10:30 AM-11:35 AM, WVH 108
Section 02: M,W,Th 4:35 PM-5:40 PM, WVH 108

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The final schedule is:

You are required to check for announcements daily.


The required textbook is Computer Aided Reasoning. Kaufmann, Manolios, Moore. You can order it from here. Please note that the book was written for at least upper level undergraduate students, so expect parts of the book to be hard. Nevertheless, this is the standard reference for ACL2 and contains many exercises whose solutions are available online. Use it as a reference and use it to supplement lectures.


We will be using the ACL2s system. Please download it and install it on your machines. It is also installed in the CCIS computer labs, but there are some instructions you should follow to use that installation properly.

Academic Integrity

Read and intimately familiarize yourselves with the Northeastern Academic Integrity policy.


There are 6 exams which will take place on the following days:



CS 1800 and CS 2500
If you do not have this background you should get the permission of the instructor.