CSU 670: Software Development (Using Proper Separation of Concerns)

Required text book:
AUTHOR = "Andrew Hunt and David Thomas",
TITLE = "The Pragmatic Programmer",
PUBLISHER = "Addison-Wesley",
YEAR = "2000",
ISBN =         "0-201-61622-X",

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 4.35 - 5.40. 458 Richards.

We will use connections between XML, Java, UML, collaborations and adapters and Demeter (DJ and DemeterJ) to develop flexible software: DJ: A simple tool for Java programmers | DJ Fact Sheet | DJ API

CSU 670 Resources

First assignment: answer a questionnaire, and send me your answers by noon on Monday of second week of classes.

UML information you find on the web: Rational, OMG. Look for UML 1.3, the latest version now. UML 2.0 is in preparation.
Using Java compilers at CCS.
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Lecture Notes (several hundred slides in PowerPoint).
DemeterJ and AP-Studio Resources.
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Mission Critical Application at Verizon.

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