CSU 670 Resources, Fall 2003

Available in hardcopy from Gnomon Copy, 325 Huntington Avenue (617) 536 4600 (as well as available online)

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About DJ:
DJ package.
Abstract Slicing Case Study.
Abstract Slicing Pattern.

About Java Technology from SUN: Demeter in the Java Environment:
Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)

From AP book:
Chapters 1 to 5 of AP Book.
Two Chapters on Class Dictionaries in AP Book (chapters 11 and 12).
Chapter 8 of AP Book.

From DemeterJ User's Guide:
Class dictionaries.
Traversal Strategies.
Generated Visitors.

Additional Resources (only available online)

The Pragmatic Programmer Textbook Resources.
The Pragmatic Programmer Textbook Tips.
Complete AP Book.
Java Tutorial.
Java for C++ Programmers.

The following are DemeterJ related: after the third week of classes:
Using the AP book with DemeterJ .
Using the AP book with DJ .
Checking a programming style rule: DJ Example:TBR
XML Schema Primer.

About AspectJ:

Instructor's Home page, Professor Karl Lieberherr.