Re: the first version of my DAJ

Subject: Re: the first version of my DAJ
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 09:37:42 EDT

Hi Haiyang:

thank you for implementing structure-shy type patterns for AspectJ. This is
a fun collaboration
around the globe.

You are now mentioned in:

Please can you develop test programs for the following tasks:

1. Add a method called debug(){System.out.println(" debug " + this);}
    to all classes in the set Types("from A via B to C"). (can this be done
with the current implementation?)
2. Whenever f() is called on a target object whose class is in the set of
    defined by Types("from A bypassing B to C"), print the join point of
that call.
3. Whenever f() is called where the currently executing object is in
Types("from A to B")
    and the target object is in Types("from X to Y"), print the join point
of that call.

Please give feedback to Haiyang about possible improvements and evaluate
whether the
project is ready to be integrated into the main DAJ that Doug is working on.

-- Karl
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Subject: the first version of my DAJ

> Dear professor,
> I implemented the idea of adaptive type pattern. Ití»s for windows only
> bugs maybe existed.
> The detailed code and documentation are within the attachment.
> Best wishes,
> Haiyang gao
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