Demeter Seminar

Subject: Demeter Seminar
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 14:58:03 EST

Demeter Seminar
Thursday, Jan. 10, 10 - 12 am
149 Cullinane Hall
For Jan. 17, 2002

Two talks:

Speaker: Johan Ovlinger
Aspectual Collaborations

Preview of PL Day talk.

Speaker: Karl Lieberherr

Integrating AspectJ and Demeter

Subgraph specifications are fundamental to robust
Aspect-Oriented Programming.
The purpose of a subgraph specification is to select a subgraph
of a graph using a high-level specification that exploits
connectivity properties.
The Demeter project has explored subgraph specifications
for a long time and more recently, they were also introduced
to AspectJ.

Various graphs are of interest to the aspect-oriented
programmer: dynamic call trees, object graphs, class graphs, etc.
AspectJ uses subgraph specifications for class graphs (e.g., A+
denotes all subclasses of a class) and for dynamic call trees
(e.g., cflow(p) denotes all nodes reachable from p in the
dynamic call tree).

We will review the old Demeter notation for subgraph
specifications, from our TOPLAS paper with Jens Palsberg,
and present three semantics: (1) for dynamic call trees as used
in AspectJ (2) for object graphs as presented in the succinct
AP semantics paper with Mitch Wand (3) and class graphs.

We propose an integration of all three subgraph specification
semantics into AspectJ based on our experience with
Doug Orleans' AP Library, DJ and DemeterJ.

Joint work with John Sung and Doug Orleans. John Sung writes
his MS thesis on this topic.

Preliminary slides are in:

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