Re: homework 2 questions

Subject: Re: homework 2 questions
Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 21:00:22 EST

Hi Justin:

I will discuss the Java program that you have questions about
tomorrow in the lecture.

You are right that the MIT Technology Review has protected the article.
Thank you for telling me; it used to be readable.
We make use of the fair-use clause of the Copyright Law and I
give you a copy of the article for the purpose of answering
the question in the homework:
(this is only for reading the article; none of the links will work;
MIT Technology Review owns the copyright)

-- Karl

>i was just looking over parts C, D, and E (due this thursday), and i had a
>couple questions ... first, in part C, i'm really not sure how to start
>going about the task of figuring out what all the 'unknowns' are ... the
>assignment mentions that we can use our "java book" and the DJ
>documentation, but i'm really lost as to what exactly i'm supposed to be
>doing here ... also, part E requires us to read an article, but going to the
>website it seems like i have to get a paid subscription to their site in
>order to read the article in full ...

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