Compilation error involving tail

Subject: Compilation error involving tail
From: Adam Lister (
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 19:07:43 EST

I'm pretty sure I'm generating my java files correctly, but when I try to compile in the java file for the traversal I am generating, I get an error.

what I'm doing:
First I generate the java file for the traversal, and I have it generated into the gen directory with all the other files.
Next I go into the gen directory, and I do

ajc *.java

This yields:

./ can't bind name: tail
        if (tail != null)
./ Decl_BracketList.tail has private access
2 errors

In my class dictionary, I have:
BracketList(S) ~ "{" {S} "}".

Has anyone else encountered/solved this problem, or even know what is going on? I'm kind of at a loss, and its keeping me from testing my project.

Adam Lister

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