type name not found

Subject: type name not found
From: Christopher J. Defazio (never@ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 18:40:43 EST

I keep getting these errors and I cannot figure out why. I believe my
environment should be set up correctly. I would think this is basically
saying that for some reason I'm not including the necessary library, but I
might be wrong about that.

If anyone has had this problem or maybe knows what this error could mean,
help would
be appreciated.
Running the compiler...
./gen/ClassGraphListener.java:9:53: type name not found: ClassGraph
public abstract void ClassGraphEvent(String[] args, ClassGraph cg);
./gen/MyListener.java:17:46: type name not found: ClassGraph
  public void ClassGraphEvent(String[] args, ClassGraph cg) {
./java/CreateClassGraph.java:12:5: ClassGraphEvent(java.lang.String[],
edu.neu.ccs.demeter.dj.ClassGraph) doesn't match expected formals for
public abstract void ClassGraphListener.ClassGraphEvent(String[], *)
    newCgListener.ClassGraphEvent(args, cg);

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