homework 4

Subject: homework 4
From: Stylianos Paparizos (stelios@ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 01:12:32 EDT

Hello everybody,

For homework 4 submission.
A good idea would be to concatenate all your java files before printing
or e-mailing by using cat *.java > printme.txt
This would produce a compact printout.

For testing your program and for demonstrating that it works
I would like you to include a few sample commands
and their output. It does not have to be specific but
it has to include all cases of valid input.
Assume that the user is not making any kind of mistakes.
A good idea would be to make sure that your code
works as described in the homework by the example given.
But feel free to use your own input to demonstrate that
the program works, especially if you implement commands like
symbolic link that worth extra points.
I do expect you of course to include in the answer,
that you turn in, the input used
and the output produced by the program.


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