compiler for structure-shy language

Subject: compiler for structure-shy language
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 11:03:02 EDT

Reminder: we continue with the Demeter Seminar today at 4pm in 149 CN:

About the message below:
XSLT is an example of a structure-shy language for writing translators
for XML documents. It supports features like "from A to B"
and "from A bypassing X to Y".

I was also thinking that it would be useful to write a compiler
with a similar goal as the XSLT/XML compiler for
programs that are written in Java and DJ. The idea would be to find
statements like

new TraversalGraph("from Customer through LastName to edu.neu.ccs.demeter.Ident", fetch(aCustomer)

and to replace them by (for example):


The goal is to improve performance.

-- Karl Lieberherr

>From Tue Oct 24 23:06:48 2000
>Subject: Colloquium 10/25: Pericas-Geertsen
>From: Mitchell Wand <>
>From: (Margrit Betke)
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>Subject: Colloquium 10/25: Pericas-Geertsen
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>Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 16:58:16 -0400 (EDT)
> B O S T O N U N I V E R S I T Y
> Computer Science Department
> C O L L O Q U I U M
> Writing the First Compiler for XSLT/XML
> (or How to Make XSLT/XML Ubiquitous)
> Santiago Pericas-Geertsen
> Boston University
> Wednesday, October 25
> 3:00 PM
> (Coffee served at 2:45PM)
> Seminar Room / MCS 135
>The Sun[tm] XSLT Compiler is a Java[tm]-based tool that creates fast
>and lightweight Java class files for transforming XML files according
>to an input XSL file. The XSLT Compiler works by parsing an input XSL
>file and then creating a Java class file that performs the
>transformation instructions specified within the XSL file. After this
>one-time compilation, the output Java class, or translet, can be used
>repeatedly to transform XML files appropriate for the XSL file. The
>benefits of this process are that the translet is faster and smaller
>than traditional transformation engines. In this talk I will discuss
>a few of the main design decisions we faced during the development of
>the XSLT Compiler. The first part of the talk will include a brief
>introduction to XML and XSLT. The second part of the presentation will
>be devoted to some architectural aspects of the XSLT compiler. Time
>permitting, I will present a demo of translets "in action" running on
>a Palm Pilot.
>Related Talk:
>Host: Assaf Kfoury

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