message about homeworks

Subject: message about homeworks
From: Stylianos Paparizos (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 19:27:53 EDT

Hello everybody,

I have one remark about the homeworks.
As it is described in the homeworks and by the professor
all homeworks must have clearly written

Homework #.

Also you only submit your homework once.
You cannot submit part 1 now and part 2 later.
Only part 1 will count as your homework submission in this case.

 From now on I will not grade any homeworks that
do not comply with the above criteria.

Also if you have submitted a homework
that does not have even your name on it
I will not grade it either. This is effective
from the beggining of the quarter.

Finally regarding late homework submissions.
I will accept late homeworks with no penalty
from students that talk to me first
and present a good reason.
Any other late homeworks will have
penalties and will be graded at my convenience.
I will announce solutions to the homeworks.
No homework will be accepted after the solution is announced.

In any case that you feel that there is a problem with a homework
and you need extra time or anything else come and talk
to me or the professor.


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