Java Compiler usage at CCS

Subject: Java Compiler usage at CCS
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 08:41:45 EDT

Hi Mark:

Yes, the issue is that you have not set-up your account for using the jikes
compiler from IBM. Please see

how to use jikes.

In the program.prj file you will find:

// The Java compiler executable.
COMPILER = jikes

This means that jikes is your compiler and not javac, but jikes
gives you better error messages and is much faster.

If you prefer the SUN compiler javac over the IBM compiler jikes
COMPILER = javac

and adjust

// Java compiler arguments.
COMPILE_ARGS = -g -depend +E


// Java compiler arguments.

This is in your *.prj file.

I like the SUN compiler javac because its implementation makes heavy use of
traversals and visitors :-) But I mostly use jikes.

It is your choice.

-- Karl Lieberherr

>From Tue Oct 17 20:56:24 2000
>Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 20:56:26 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Mark Leary <>
>To: Karl Lieberherr <>
>Subject: COM1205 HW3
>Hi.. I'm having a problem running demjava on the capacity-with-stack
>program... demjava clean; demjava test gives the following error:
>Parser generated successfully.
>Running the compiler...
>gen/ Error: Could not find package named:
> gen/classes/java/lang,
> gen/java/lang,
> /proj/demsys/demjava/cur/rt.jar(java/lang),
> /proj/demsys/demjava/cur/demjava.jar(java/lang),
> /proj/demsys/demjava/cur/apstudio.jar(java/lang),
> ./java/lang or
> /proj/demsys/demjava/rt.jar(java/lang)
>My CLASSPATH is set to .:/proj/demsys/demjava/rt.jar.
>Any suggestions?

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