Jaideep Ramachandran
Email address: <my-firstname-then-obvious-symbol>ccs.neu.edu

I am a graduate student in the College of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University, Boston advised by Prof. Thomas Wahl. I am a member of the Formal Methods group. My research focusses on mechanized formal/semi-formal verification of systems. I am working on developing tools for automatically analyzing floating-point operations, investigating the intricacies of floating-point arithmetic in programs running on heterogeneous systems. In particular, I am developing a decision procedure for an interesting fragment of floating-point arithmetic, but by reasoning at a level much higher than the bit-level: using decision procedures for Reals and Integers. My current work also involves designing, implementing and evaluating an abstraction-refinement type approach to solve non-linear floating-point constraints. In the past, I have worked on path interpolation for formulas in the context of loop invariant generation for proving program correctness, and on reachability analysis of large, untimed sequential circuits.

Summer 2015: I was an intern in the Simulink Design Verifier team at Mathworks, Inc .

Summer 2013: I was an intern with SGT, Inc. in the Robust Software Engineering Group at NASA Ames Research Center, where I worked on providing floating-point support for the symbolic execution engine of Java Pathfinder.

I graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer engineering from the University of Mumbai.
Before joining Northeastern, I worked at Samsung as a software developer writing software for mobile phones.


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Professional Service: I have been a sub-reviewer for CAV'15, FMCAD'14, CAV'14, DATE'14, ICFPT'13, ASE'13, FMCAD'13, CAV'13, DATE'13, TACAS'12, FMCAD'12, MEMOCODE'12.