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To begin with, I am the co-founder, and currently serve as the Chief of Technology of Labrynthe — an international startup, working on the intersection of technology, research and education. Since its inception in 2016, Labrynthe has successfully imparted hands-on astronomy education to 1500+ school kids, in 20+ schools in India. It is not just limited to astronomy education, and has its presence in translational science and research as well.

The driving force behind Labrynthe is my sister Garima Malik, who has transformed the unknown company to be a household name for astronomy education in the K-12 domain.

History of India

Lately, I have been very interested in knowing how the modern India was made, who and what went behind it, why are things the way they are today, etc. One book that I highly recommend reading for this is B.G. Verghese’s autobiography.
The book actually tells how the Gandhi Dynasty travelled from a weak Indira to her present day image of Iron Lady. It touches upon some important issues, that we tend to ignore in the modern day India, and the reasoning behind those. It also talks about the wrong decisions of Congress, and how the people of India had to pay for them.

Cultural History of South Asia

Asia, specifically South Asia has been a major hub and propagator of art, culture, literature, technology, etc. to the world, and has played an important role in laying the foundations of present day societies. Here is an excellent collection I found, that gives details right from the very begining. My webpage is not as colorful as Prof. Pritchett’s, but I hope is good enough to enthrall you untill you leave this site.
She has compiled everything, from Glossary of early Modern India, to Maps of South Asia, to chronologically ordered routes.