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CheckTaskResult4.2 Callback Functions for TOPC_master_slave()

DoTask4.2 Callback Functions for TOPC_master_slave()

GenerateTaskInput4.2 Callback Functions for TOPC_master_slave()

TOPC_abort_tasks4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_abort_tasks8.2 Aborting Tasks
TOPC_ATOMIC_READ8.4.1 Reader-Writer Synchronization
TOPC_ATOMIC_WRITE8.4.1 Reader-Writer Synchronization
TOPC_BEGIN_ATOMIC_READ8.4.1 Reader-Writer Synchronization
TOPC_BEGIN_ATOMIC_WRITE8.4.1 Reader-Writer Synchronization
TOPC_END_ATOMIC_READ8.4.1 Reader-Writer Synchronization
TOPC_END_ATOMIC_WRITE8.4.1 Reader-Writer Synchronization
TOPC_finalize4.1 The Main TOP-C Library Calls
TOPC_init4.1 The Main TOP-C Library Calls
TOPC_is_abort_pending4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_is_abort_pending8.2 Aborting Tasks
TOPC_is_CONTINUATION8.1 Testing for Task Continuations and Redos
TOPC_is_master4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_is_REDO4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_is_REDO8.1 Testing for Task Continuations and Redos
TOPC_is_up_to_date4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_master_slave4.1 The Main TOP-C Library Calls
TOPC_MSG4.1 The Main TOP-C Library Calls
TOPC_MSG_PTR8.3.2 Using TOPC_MSG_PTR() to Avoid Copying Large Buffers
TOPC_node_count4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_num_idle_slaves4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_num_slaves4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_rank4.4 TOP-C Utilities
TOPC_raw_begin_master_slave9.1 `TOP-C' raw functions
TOPC_raw_end_master_slave9.1 `TOP-C' raw functions
TOPC_raw_submit_task_input9.1 `TOP-C' raw functions
TOPC_raw_wait_for_task_result9.1 `TOP-C' raw functions

UpdateSharedData4.2 Callback Functions for TOPC_master_slave()

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